Who We Are

Collaborative Resources CEO Jeffrey Hester has assembled this team carefully and consciously, focusing on the following criteria:
  • People with proven expertise at top levels of business
  • People who make the phrase "a pleasure doing business with you" come to life.
  • Collaborative Resources is a team of expert business management practitioners in pursuit of the next stimulating challenge.

    The members of the group have success in a wide variety of enterprises, and offer a terrific range of skills, perspectives and contacts. We are drawn to affiliation through Collaborative Resources by our belief in this innovative business model, and because we truly enjoy working together. The enjoyment factor adds a potent positive dynamic to our results.

    Our clients rely on us for information, contacts and guidance to help grow their businesses.

    Collaborative Resources can help you succeed through smart business fundamentals:
  • Deliberate, open communications
  • Active listening
  • Management of details and nuances
  • Reality testing
  • Clarity about long-term vs. short-term solutions